Custom Order Baseball Glove Wallet. Signature Series. Classic BiFold

Regular price $215.00

A custom wallet made from a vintage baseball glove!

There is nothing better than the aged leather that results from a well-used baseball glove. I make beautiful, functional wallets from vintage baseball gloves. Each wallet captures the essence of the game and is rich with history. No need to "break in" these wallets.

I HAND-STITCH every single one of my wallets. I never use a machine. Although much more time-consuming and labor-intensive, this results in a super-strong, ultra-durable wallet that will never come unraveled.

Classic Bifold: Everything you expect from the classic. Six credit card pockets, main cash pocket, and two other pockets for receipts and other misc. items. The exterior is one single piece of leather from a vintage baseball glove. The interior is beautiful chestnut horween leather. 

*Note: I'm making this from scratch for you so it might take a while. If you need it fast it may be better to order something I already have in stock. But if you're willing to wait you'll definitely have a one-of-a-kind wallet.