Why you need a Baseball Glove Wallet

Posted by Dan Spencer on

Imagine being at the game . . . you pull out your wallet and the guy next to you sees it and says, "Whoa! Where did you get that?" A smile spreads across your face as you explain. The unmistakeable markings, lace holes, and amazing patina have your new friend mesmerized. You carry something incredibly functional, stylish, and built to last long enough to pass down to another generation.

Every day I see men with cheap wallets that are falling apart. "How long have you had the wallet?" I ask. The answer typically ranges from a few months to maybe a year. Why are so many people buying disposable leather goods? They are relatively cheap. Made in sweat shops and in huge quantities, retailers are able to get these for pennies. They look good for a minute and then start to decompose. 

ON THE OTHER HAND - I know guys with baseball gloves that they've have for decades and the leather is still gorgeous. Why? High-quality leather! So, doesn't it make sense to turn that no-longer-used mitt into an everyday use wallet?

Since 2013, that's exactly what we've been doing at Spearheaders. Our leather goods are made from REAL, game-used gloves. We deconstruct old ball gloves, cut, sew, and hand-finish each one into one of a kind wallets. Our customers are thrilled when they get their own.

Baseball glove wallets can be made in a variety of styles. Got a favorite player? We can find a glove with his signature. Got your own glove you want us to use? Send it! We'll do the rest.

Please stop buying throw-away wallets from big box stores. Instead, buy a wallet that reflects your love of the game that will last a lifetime.


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